Scorecard Training and Customization

Changes in global market conditions and customer needs have made innovation and collaboration a business necessity. This is why visionary supplier companies are not waiting for their clients to institute a global environmental scorecard. They are learning how to use this benchmarking and planning tool on their own, before it becomes mandatory.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) and many other major corporations use the Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard (SESS) on a regular basis as a standard for measuring and monitoring sustainability performance improvements.

The Institute of Sustainable Business Education, a division of ACF Enterprises, proactively works with P&G suppliers, as well as other corporate supply chains to customize the Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard (SESS). When combined with the Supplier Excellence in Managing Sustainability (SEMSTM) training and certification program, the global scorecard tool is easier to understand, fill out and integrate into business operations.

Environmental Scorecard Certificate Program

One core capability that will certainly give your supplier company a competitive advantage is adoption of sustainability standards and guidelines. Dynamic evidence of this is an Environmental Scorecard Certificate from the Institute of Sustainable Business Education. Companies with scorecard knowledge and skills can measure current performance and capabilities using a set of global standards. The Certificate enables buyers to compare truly sustainable suppliers with industry peers in the supply chain.

Through the SEMS
Environmental Certificate Program, you will acquire a fundamental knowledge of sustainability principles, build skills to plan and implement a scorecard initiative, and learn how to conduct an internal sustainability audit. You will benefit from 24/7 access to an online Learning Center, access to sustainability experts, the latest tools and methods to transition your company to sustainable operations, and the valuable credential once completed.

You can start any time and take up to six months to earn your Scorecard Certificate.

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